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Looking For Private Lessons?

Private Lessons can be productive for players that are needing to improve on specific movements that need to be improved on.

Private Lessons are offered in Pitching, Hitting, and Fielding.

½ hour lessons are for one thing usually… for example, ½ hour of hitting… it is difficult to do, say, hitting and pitching in a half hour.

Hour lessons can be utilized for more intensive work or 2 aspects… for example, hitting and pitching.

For the very serious players, many times groups can be very beneficial.

It can be difficult to put players under the same pressures that occur in a game.

One way that we can help with this is to put them in a group or class.

  • Performing in front of others and not wanting to fail is one of the pressures that a game produces.
  • Peer pressure.
  • More game-like reps when it comes to the speed of the game and others watching.
  • Today’s players are extremely visual, putting them in a group setting can allow them to watch and learn from other players. Positive movements or outcomes as well as learning from others’ mistakes.

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  • Spring break camps
  • Summer camps all summer
  • Thanksgiving camps
  • Christmas camps
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